Tiny House “aVOID”

Named aVOID, it is the smallest Tiny House on wheels ever built in Italy. A nine-sqm living space equipped with every comfort needed for everyday life, characterized by a strong adhesion to minimalist principles and a more sustainable lifestyle. The “aVOID” was designed by Leonardo Di Chiara to experiment a new way of living completely off-grid.

Click on the following chapters to discover more about the Tiny House “aVOID” or download here the entire booklet in PDF (4,6 MB).

If you are interested, you can ask me more info at mail@leonardodichiara.it.


  1. aVOID Tiny House
  2. the idea
  3. the construction site
  4. the interior
  5. tiny living
  6. dimensions and specifications
  7. details
  8. my living experience
  9. test-living
  10. aVOID on the road
  11. exhibitions
  12. optimisation
  13. press links
  14. partners
  15. your own Tiny House

– – – – –

How is living in a 9-sqm minimalistic tiny house? Follow my test-living inside the Tiny House “aVOID” on my Instagram channel: