15. your own Tiny House

If you are interested in purchasing the aVOID Tiny House for your own living experiences, you can send your request writing an e-mail at avoid@leonardodichiara.it. You will receive soon all the commercial details and we will answer all of your questions. Price starts from 40.000€ and it varies depending from which finishings and technologies you want to be installed in your model. Your house will be manufactured in Pesaro (Italy) and it will be delivered at your location in few months.

If you like the design of the aVOID Tiny House but you want your own model, you can commission to architect Leonardo Di Chiara a new design study. It could be a house, a museum, an office and everything else you can imagine to put on a trialer. Share with him your needs and your dreams: write an e-mail at mail@leonardodichiara.it.

Tiny House Design School in Stuttgart (october 2018) © Leonardo Di Chiara
New design studies by Leonardo Di Chiara for a Radio Station on wheels and for a very special urban foodtrailer © Leonardo Di Chiara





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