Bauhaus Campus Berlin

Bauhaus Campus Berlin was an artistic-architectural experiment promoted by the Tinyhouse University which took place in Berlin at the Bauhaus-Archiv/Museum of Design in collaboration with Zukunftsgeräusche and Kiron Open Higher Education. The initiative, which started the 10th March 2017 until 10th February 2018, constitutes in the realization of a temporary educational village of twenty mobile “tiny houses”. Every house represents a laboratory space to conduct a research on crucial themes discussed in the contemporary society to be held during the residency in the Campus. Among the selected topics there are democracy, equality, linguistic and religious minorities, integration, economic development, political participation, sustainability, agriculture, communication, cities and urban areas, artistic expression, design, housing, etc. The results obtained during this first research phase constitutes the knowledge basis which be the object of an educational travel in stages which will be promoted independently by the different houses at the end of the Campus experiment (see aVOID on Tour).

Bauhaus Campus sketch by Van Bo Le-Mentzel
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The artistic curator of the exhibition and founder of the Tinyhouse University, the architect Van Bo Le-Mentzel, selected the aVOID project to be part of the Bauhaus Campus. The formal invitation guarantee a reserved space in the Bauhaus-Archiv garden during the entire period of the artistic event together with the insertion of aVOID in the general activities plan and the collaboration with the hosting museum institution.

Bauhaus Campus, first phase (9th March 2017)
Bauhaus Campus life. From left: Giacomo Cardoni (artist in residence at aVOID), Raphael Behr (Holy Foods House), Leonardo Di Chiara (aVOID Tiny House), Kai Lindenblatt (Tito House volunteer), Luise Louè (TiTo House) – October 2017
Bauhaus Campus Berlin – December 2017

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