8. my living experience

“Living inside aVOID is not, in my case, just a minimalistic challenge measurable in square meters. Rather it seems an intimate relationship that, over the past few months, is getting me in direct contact with my first creation as an architect. It happens often that I stop and think, watching the space in its different functional arrangements. The living experience allows me to verify, test and modify the house, implementing it with new solutions. For this reason I call aVOID an “open” prototype: a work-in-progress construction site. The tiny house is like a short instruction manual to reductionism. By itself, it teaches and pushes you to deprive yourself of unnecessary things, to consume less water and less energy, to put back your clothes in their place and to wash the dishes immediately after eating. The void, which is obtained by closing again all the wall-mounted furniture, is the refuge of my creativity. The absence of any visual distraction caused by personal objects or daily business makes room for my imagination, which is reflected into my future designs.” – Leonardo Di Chiara

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Leonardo Di Chiara living inside aVOID during his residency at Bauhaus Campus (Berlin, september 2017) © Leonardo Di Chiara

Leonardo Di Chiara is a 27-years-old architect and engineer graduated at the University of Bologna. His fascination for human scale architecture and experimental living spaces brought him to join the Tinyhouse University in July 2016. His design “aVOID Tiny House” has earned him the Premio Berlino 2017, a prestigious award by Italian Ministery for young talented architects. Leonardo has lived in and experimented his “tiny house” for one year as part of his professional research.

aVOID tiny house set-up for breakfast. (Bauhuas Campus Berlin, september 2017). © Leonardo Di Chiara
aVOID tiny house set-up for breakfast. (Bauhaus Campus Berlin, september 2017). © Leonardo Di Chiara

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