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my name is Leonardo. I am a 27-years-old italian architect and engineer experiencing the fascinating world of tiny architecture since my involvement in July 2016 with Tinyhouse University and Van Bo Le-Mentzel in Berlin. Getting the chance to meet Van Bo encouraged me to try living with the essentials. This is why I decided to start designing a minimalistic tiny house which is inspired by the beauty of emptiness: aVOID.

I am participating as an official member at the Bauhaus Campus Exhibition starting until 8th March 2018, an experimental tiny house village inside the prestigious garden of Bauhaus-Archiv/Museum of Design in Berlin. Being the only italian architect designing an house on the Campus gave me the responsibility and the honor to represents, in my tiny way, my Country of origin. Putting together the best Companies of my Region “Le Marche” I created and gave birth to aVOID. Starting from April 2018 I will travel back to Italy where I will open the doors of my house to all the visitors which want to know more about “tiny living”. My “tiny on Tour” will stop at Münich, Ulm, Mendrisio, Milan, Rome, Bologna, Turin, Padua to come back at the starting point: Pesaro, my hometown. During my journey I will invite people to test my house and to discuss about new ways to make our city lifestyle more sustainable.

 The “tiny house” theme is characterized by a great appeal to the young public and all the people interested in contemporary social matters. That is a real Movement which was born around the 70s in the United States and now, also thanks to the Tinyhouse University, rapidly spreading in Europe too. The Tiny House Movement is based on principles like adventure, traveling and rooting out from the compromised society that we are facing in our cities.

If you or your editorial staff is interested in my project and my experience I would be pleased to let you know more about answering your questions and giving you more details. Me and the Tinyhouse University Team experienced the high attractiveness of interlocutors with the first tiny house we built in Berlin in November 2016. The house was also reported by the well-know “Galileo” TV-Show reaching a wide public all over Germany and the world (here the link of the report on YouTube with more that 1.700.000 views!).

I hope that your editorial staff could take into consideration the designing of aVOID and my test-living experience inside the Bauhaus-Archiv for an additional examination so that can become a valid communicating material for your newspaper, magazine, blog, etc.

To know more about aVOID, I would suggest you to read this booklet I wrote where you can also find a lot of pictures of me and the house itself. You can download it here.

If you have any question, please contact me directly at or by phone at +39 3293127905.
Thank you for your interest.
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