aVOID on Tour | Ulm

Named aVOID, it is the first mobile Tiny House designed in the shape of a terraced house. Assembled on a trailer, the 9 sqm living space is fully equipped with every comfort integrated in a seemingly empty void — its namesake — where all the furniture is folded into the walls just like a Swiss Army knife. aVOID represents a real lifestyle characterized by a strong adhesion to minimalist principles, in the spirit of the “less is more” movement and a more sustainable way of living. The prototype was designed by architect Leonardo Di Chiara with the aim of creating a new housing model for the growing generation of urban nomads.
After participating at Bauhaus Campus Berlin and with the aim of raising awareness among the public for the need to rethink our housing models,aVOID is the protagonist of a tour starting in Berlin and ending in Rome (Berlin, Munich, Ulm, Milan, Rome). From 10th until 14th of April 2018, Tiny Talks, Guided Tours, Test-Living, “Ulm Artist in aVOID” and more happenings like a workshop with the Tinyhouse University founder Van Bo Le-Mentzel will take place at the campus of former School of Design Ulm. Drop by for a visit and share it with your friends!


  • 10.04. | 11-12 | Press
  • 10.04. | 15-18 | Visiting hours with Leonardo Di Chiara, 17:00 Guided Tour
  • 11.04. | 10-13 | Visiting hours with Leonardo Di Chiara, 10:00 Guided Tour
  • 11.04. | 18:30 | Opening Event: Talk with Alexander Wetzig (CEO Board of Trustees Stiftung HfG Ulm, Test-Living Guest aVOID) and Leonardo Di Chiara (architect aVOID)
  • 12.04. | 10-12 and 14-17 | Visiting hours with Leonardo Di Chiara
  • 13.04. | 10-16 | Workshop Tiny House Design School with Leonardo Di Chiara and Van Bo Le-Mentzel (registered only, fee 15 € incl. materials and lunch, mail to: k.kurz[at]ulm.de)
  • 14.04. | 15-18 | Closing Event, 16 Uhr: Artist Florian Schröder(WOKASOMA Opus Leopard) presents and reports on hin Test-Living experience

For any info about the programme or participating in the workshop “Tiny House Design School” please write to k.kurz[at]ulm.de or avoid@leonardodichiara.it . Guided Tours will be held in English language.

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About the tour: http://leonardodichiara.it/avoidontour/
Facebook: aVOID https://www.facebook.com/avoidtinyhouse/ and HfG-Archiv Ulm https://www.facebook.com/HfG.Archiv/
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