aVOID tiny house

aVOID is a mobile house prototype, drawing inspiration from the well-known American ‘tiny house’ typology. The 9 sqm living space on wheels is equipped with every comfort needed for everyday life and characterized by a strong adhesion to minimalist principles, the ‘less is more’ movement, and a more sustainable lifestyle. aVOID is the result of an artistic-architectural research project directed by me in collaboration with Tinyhouse University and supported by numerous internationally renowned technical partners.

The objective of the project is the field testing of the mobile ‘tiny house’ typology, the industrialisation of its construction process and raising social awareness of new housing policies such as the creation of urban migratory neighbourhoods. aVOID is the very first ‘tiny house’ entirely designed and manufactured in Italy, specifically in the very well-known Pesaro “District of Furniture”. aVOID will be on tour in Italy starting from April 2018!

Discover more about aVOID here.