aVOID tiny house

aVOID is the first Italian prototype of a “tiny house”, a housing typology consisting of small itinerary dwellings built on wheels. Conceived in the seventies in the United States, the “Tiny House Movement” has recently been on the rise in Europe where numerous prototypes have already been tested starting in the Nordic countries.

The objective of the project is the field testing of the mobile ‘tiny house’ typology, the industrialisation of its construction process and raising social awareness of new housing policies such as the creation of urban migratory neighbourhoods. Discover more about aVOID here.

With the aim of raising awareness among the public on more sustainable housing solutions, the “Tiny House Movement” and its possible use in urban areas, aVOID will be the protagonist of a stage tour beginning in Berlin and ending in Rome. Discover more about aVOID on Tour here.