I am a 28-years-old Italian Architect and Engineer working as an independent designer in the world of movable/tiny/experimental architecture. I am currently based in Pesaro (Italy) where I live and work in my Tiny House aVOID. At the moment I am involved in projects for companies and private clients based in Rome, Berlin, Milan.

I graduated with Honors at the Alma Mater Studiorum – University of Bologna under the supervision of Professor Riccardo Gulli. Following some first professional experiences, starting in 2011 at Community Tectonics Architect in the United States, I moved part of my activity to Germany where I became a member of the board of Tinyhouse University in Berlin working aside with its founder Van Bo Le-Mentzel. I have taken part of the “Bauhaus Campus” exhibition at the Bauhaus-Archiv/Museum of Design participating with “aVOID”, a nine-sqm tiny house which I designed and built with the support of more than fourty leading Italian and German companies. I was awarded for the year 2017 with the “Berlin Prize” by Italian Ministry of Culture (MiBACT), Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MAECI), Istituto Italiano di Cultura Berlino (IIC Berlin) and AEDED Berlin. Between October 2017 and April 2018 I worked as an architect at GRAFT Architekten in Berlin to develop a research amoung urban temporary architecture.

From April 2017 I am travelling around Europe and living in my Tiny House aVOID to promote a more sustainable and simpler way of living! You can follow my adventures with the aVOID on Tour on my Instagram profile.

Do you want to collaborate or you need my professional advice for your project? Send me an e-mail at mail@leonardodichiara.it. You can also read my profile and connect with me on Linkedin at this link.

My skills are in the following fields: architecture, design, urban planning, building engineering, marketing, communication, event planning, sponsoring

Me presenting to the public for the first time my aVOID tiny house. (Pesaro, 9th August 2017) © Giacomo Terracciano
Me presenting to the public for the first time my aVOID tiny house. (Pesaro, 9th August 2017) © Giacomo Terracciano

2010 | Scientific Secondary School Diploma at G. Marconi High School (Pesaro, Italy) – Final Grade: 100/100;

2010/2016 | Masterly Doctor in Architecture and Building Engineering at Alma Mater Studiorum – University of Bologna (Italy) – Final grade: 110/110 with Honors. My final dissertation was focused on Refurbishment and Conservation of Buildings titled with “Structural form and architectural figuration in the sicilian baroque typologies” (advisor: Prof. Riccardo Gulli, co-advisor: Dr. Giovanni Cangi);

2011 | Intern at “Community Tectnonics Architect” (USA) as part of the New Generation Exchange Programme of the Rotary International. The exchange was sponsored by the scholarship offered by Rotary Bologna Nord and I was hosted by Rotary Ferragut (Knoxville, Tennessee).

2015 | Intern at “Ricerca e Progetto” (Italy);

2016 | Professional practice examination and Engineering Licence;

2016 – … | Architect and Board Member of the Tinyhouse University (Berlin);

2016 – … | Selected with my project aVOID to participate at the “Bauhaus Campus Exhibition” from August 2017 until March 2018 at the Bauhaus-Archiv/Museum of Design in Berlin.

2017 – … | President Tinyhouse University Italy

2017 – … | Architect at GRAFT Architekten working on a new experiment with their SOLARKIOSK.

2018 – … | Independent Architect/Engineer/Designer based in Pesaro (Italy)

My first meeting with the Tinyhouse University team. The Bauhaus Campus project was presented for the first time by the artistic curator and founder Van Bo Le-Mentzel.
Tiny living experience at Christian Bock Tischlerei (Tiny House builder in Bad Wildungen, Germany) where I participated in the construction of our tiny100 prototype designed by Tinyhouse University.

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Read my biography on Ministry of Foreign Affairs website: here (Italian language only).