aVOID on Tour

Tiny Talks, Guided Tours, and more. A physical platform for discussion.

With the aim of raising awareness among the public for the need to rethink our housing models, particularly to face the rapid changes of contemporary society, aVOID will be the protagonist of a tour starting in Berlin and ending in Rome. aVOID on Tour was conceived as an ideal continuation of the research promoted by Leonardo Di Chiara within the Bauhaus Campus as a member of the Tinyhouse University. Starting on April 3rd 2018, aVOID will travel through several locations functioning as a physical platform to empower discussions around topics such as sustainability, self-construction, and mobile living in relation to the possibilities offered by tiny houses. At every stage the public will be invited to actively participate in a series of events, including tiny-talks, test-living experiences, guided tours, art residencies, lectures, conferences, contests, and design workshops curated by the members of the Tinyhouse University.

aVOID tiny house traveling from Italy to Germany to participate to Bauhaus Campus in Berlin. (Leupoldsgrün, 17th august 2017) © Leonardo Di Chiara

7 cities. 3 countries. 60 days. HfG-Archiv, Fuorisalone 2018, Open House Rome, Goethe-Institut, …

aVOID on Tour includes 7 stages that connect Germany, Switzerland, and Italy in a journey which starts from the Bauhaus Campus in Berlin and ends in Rome. The tiny house will be hosted by museums, like the HfG-Archiv in Ulm; as part of events, such as a city installation during the Salone del Mobile; and by institutions like the Goethe-Institut in Rome.

The complete programme includes:

22/03/18 – 03/04/18 || Berlin @ AEDES Architekturforum

04/04/18 – 08/04/18 || Munich @ Bauzentrum / city center installation

09/04/18 – 15/04/18 || Ulm @ HfG-Archiv / city center installation

16/04/18 – 23/04/18 || Milan @ Fuorisalone / Milan Design Week 2018

24/04/18 – 02/05/18 || Mendrisio @ Academy of Architecture

03/05/18 – 09/05/18 || Bologna @ University of Bologna / city center installation

10/05/18 – 31/05/18  || Rome @ Open House / Goethe-Institut


Enable discussions, ideas, and inspiration. Become a Sponsor

With planning complete, sponsors and strategic partners are now needed to make aVOID on Tour.

The Tinyhouse University is looking to work with sponsors who can assist with the organisation of tour for the following items: the transport of the tiny house, project management, workshops and events, accomodations, transfers, participatory fee to events or fairs, costs related to various stationery and printed materials.

While sponsorship is of course critical, the ideal partner would be one that has interest in giving support to and participate in the discussions promoted by the Tinyhouse University through aVOID on Tour. They should be an active player in the global challenge related to more sustain- able urban environment through innovative approaches. The sponsors will not just benefit from our wide international reach in media and social media, but would also have the opportunity to use the aVOID tiny house for its marketing strategies, wether through events, communication activities, or surveying campaigns.

Put some gas into the tank! Find a way to support the project below.

We need your help! Get involved!

aVOID on Tour is an independent no-profit event organized by Leonardo Di Chiara together with the Tinyhouse University volunteers. To realize the tour we still need:

  • to find a suitable location to exhibit the aVOID tiny house in Munich city center (05/04/18 until 09/04/18);
  • to find a suitable location to exhibit the aVOID tiny house in Bologna city center (03/05/18 until 10/05/18);
  • get in contact with journalists and anyone which can help out to spread the word about the aVOID on Tour in each location;
  • a car company which can support us in traveling with the tiny house from Berlin to Rome;
  • sponsors which can cover the costs related to the organization of the event.

If you can provide your help or advice, we would really appreciate this. Please let us know writing at avoid@leonardodichiara.it.